Monday, August 23, 2010

Homework #1

IFSC 4399/5399 ST: Computing Futures

HW 1, due next class
1. Instead of handing in printed assignments (the old-fashioned way), we will do it digitally when appropriate. Email can work but is also a bit old-fashioned compared to at least one more modern possibility: a blog. Start a new blog for this course and its assigments (or you can use an existing blog if you want to and have one). You may use your real name or a pseudonym as you wish, but email me the URL so I can access it. Any blog service will do, such as,, and various others.
2. Check out the course Web site (which is a blog). Find the links (near top of page) to the "Course schedule and topic list" and "Additional course information." Navigate around a bit and note any questions you might have on your blog.
3. Go to the Web and find a URL about the future of a topic of your choice.
On your blog, give the link you found, and explain what it is and why it is interesting (e.g., why should someone check it out?).
4. Repeat question 3
5. Repeat question 3 again.

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