Monday, September 28, 2009

Homework 7

Due next Monday (in a week)

1. Assemble all the information you have gathered about your term project topic into one document. This includes any notes from the Delphi method, discussions in class on TRIZ or prediction markets relevant to your topic, etc. Whatever you have and can remember (here is where you wish you had taken more notes - well it's never too late to start!). Don't worry about organization for this question, just get it all in one place. Add in a list of references to useful Web sites and other information. Check the blogs of the others in the class as for HW #6, people were asked to provide some Web sites and reviews of them. You may quote the reviews in your document (use quotation marks) if you like. The basic idea here is to assemble everything together so you have something to work with.

2. Design an outline for your report (if you are going to do a report). If you are going to write a story, design something about it (a plot? An outline? Some alternative possible themes? Whatever - if I had experience as a creative writing instructor I might be able to provide further guidance, but since that is not the case, you're on your own. That's ok, the idea is to do something useful, regardless of what it is.) If you want to do something besides a report or a story (say a program, or whatever it is), you are welcome to check with me for suggestions, or just figure out yourself what to do that is equivalent.

3. Reorganize what you have to fit the outline, write a little bit of your story, something for your program, etc.

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