Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Delphi Method II


Finish the "Delphi method" (next time - prediction markets)

. . . Recall each remaining student will extract the wisdom of the group by using the Delphi Method on the class

. . . . . . (I will help a little as needed)

. . . Each person will also have a chance to be the recorder

But first let's reflect a bit

. . . What are the differences between how we're doing it for practice and how it would be done "professionally"?

. . . What are the "so whats?" of these differences?

Ambiguity in the question

. . . Often, public parks have rules that make them fun places for everyone

. . . Here is one proposed rule:

All dogs must be kept on a leash

. . . What does it really say and how can we fix it??

And before we start, a figure or two...
Recall from last time:

(Source: JC Glenn and TJ Gordon, eds. Futures Research Methodology V3.0, chap. 4, p. 10)


. . . Entire books have been written on the Delphi Method

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