Monday, August 24, 2009

Class: M 8/24/09

Introduction to the course

1. See flyer (handed out).
2. Let's go over the course guidelines. Any questions?
3. Get to know a neighbor. Write their name large on a sheet of paper. Tell us:
  • their name
  • what classes they are taking
  • about one thing they think will happen some day (I will list the predictions on the board)
4. Check list of way too many topics. Let's go over it quickly. Then:
  • Put a check mark by the ones that look interesting.
  • Put an X mark by the ones that don't look that interesting.
  • Put a double check mark by any that are especially interesting.
  • Leave blank ones that you have no opinion about.
  • Write in any extra topics that you would like to hear discussed!
5. Look at HW1, due next time: questions? Want to start now?


  1. Students made the following predictions:

    Bionics/cyborgs will become a reality
    The "God" particle will be discovered
    Vehicles will drive themselves(autoautomobiles)
    Handheld devices will become powerful, embedded in arm
    Digital services will increasingly be remote
    No physical banks - all online
    Genetic engineering - standards for data
    Successful AI
    SETI successful
    Universal internet use
    World wide economic failure

  2. First class was pretty good, but it is hard to get a discussion going in 208 and the computers block out seeing everybody. Is there anyway we can move the class to ETAS 354? I think we would be more relaxed and talkative in that classroom.
    Also, the blog I created for use with this class is at, there should be a post up on it by next class.

  3. I agree. ETAS 354 would be much better. I also want to note that three blogs is a lot for me. I had homework as early as last Thursday. My professors don't mess around sadly. :)

  4. Also, maybe instead of each having a separate blog, maybe you should have us all post entries and comments on THIS blog... that kind of centralization would make it much easier to read and respond to peers' ideas.

  5. Okay, I, being Amber, am now setup with blogger and Google so if you want to see my work you can click on my follower icon and it will pop-up in a list. (Like we were doing in class.)


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