Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HW 9

IFSC 4399 Computing, Information and the Future (due W 11/3/10)

Q1) We discussed in class how there is no such thing as a "scientific proof." Explain in your own words.

Q2) Write a new part for your project report of 200 words or more (or show equivalent progress if you are doing something else).

Q3) This course has been designated as able to help keep our curriculum accredited! Therefore we need to ask students to answer certain questions. This week's question is:

Assess the impact of information and/or computing on individuals (rather than, say, organizations). Assess this impact on the following dimensions:
  • a) privacy
  • b) security
  • c) quality
  • d) some other one of your choice
(In case you were wondering, next week's HW will extend your answer to other technologies and to the future. But that's not for this HW.)

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